Thursday, June 4, 2009

catching up with family

So! I am still pretty new at this bloggign thing, so I haven't been posting much yet. My apologise.

Anyway. I recently went on a trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas to meet up with my sister, my brother and his family, all of whom I haven't seen in more than 4 years. When I last saw them, my nephew was only 9 and my neice, 2. Now they are goin on 14 and 7 respectively. I love them to death! My neice was a bit shy when I met her, but she eventually cameo ut of her shell after a day.

I first flew to San Fran to meet my sister, the next day, we drove to LA to pick up my brother and his family (they were on a US trip.) We stayed the night in LA, the next mornign, drove to Las Vegas. The road trip was fun, my neice kept asking along the way if we are at Death Valley yet. I didn't even know where that is.

My nephew never likes to walk or do anything, these generations of computer games and toys, they stay indoors and sit and play nintendos and PSPs all day. Really sad what we are doing to kids. But he is adorable, I love and dote on him. We went on a shopping trip for a few hours while mom and dad where out and about. He broke his little pouch bag that he uses to hold his PSP so we went hunting for a replacement.

Friday, my sister and I saw Bette Midler's concert for free. She was terrific, funny and a great singer. I was hollering with laughter at the jokes she cracked. If you are ever in Vegas, you guys must go see it! Saturday was Cirque Du Soleil. We saw Mystere, I wanted to go to O, but I heard from a lot of people that is was boring. So we opted for Mystere, I think I wouldn't have found it boring, but I was seeing it with the kids and my sister-in-law, so thought mayeb the ones with a few giant creatures woudl be more entertaining for them.

Oh, I also went hunting for Hurley board shorts, the phantom 60 icon series, it was like looking for needles in a hay stack! I could not find it anywhere, the one place I did see it, at the outlet mall in charsleton, they didn't have my size. I was disappointed to say the least. But that didn't stop me from buying other phantom series board shorts, they were after all on sale and to top it off, it was buy one get the second for 75 % off! I could not pass that up.

On sunday, we drove back to LA to drop my brother and family off at their hotel, and drove straight to San Fran where I was to catch my flight the next day. I still went hunting for the hurley phantom 60icon series, but no such luck, I guess I will just have to buy it here in Vancouver.

So there you have it, my trip last week. Loved every minute of it, enjoyed every time I spent with my family.

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